About Us

Oracle database customers benefit from special tools to get the best out of their Oracle investment. Tools that support the database programming, management, maintenance, documentation, and data protection. Tools that address the specific challenges that arise in the life cycle of Oracle databases and help protect the value and extend the useful life of the investment.

PL/SQL is at the core of virtually every Oracle database. It is the programming language of choice and indispensable for programming stored procedures. Executing in close proximity to the data in the database allows not only for efficiency and extreme performance. Using stored procedures leaves fewer “moving” parts in multi-tier environments, provides greater assurance of data integrity, and increases developer productivity. When everything moves in the Cloud effective data integrity and data security can be best achieved in the database.

Conquest Software Solutions provides the solutions Oracle customers require. The tools offer unique functionalities the rest of the market fails to provide. Oracle database customers facing seemingly insurmountable problems with legacy PL/SQL situations, excessive code complexity, undocumented databases, high cost of database maintenance, lack of coding standards or database security concerns return to manageable database situations by using the Conquest tools.

Conquest Software Solutions is a team of IT-professionals based on two continents. Oracle developers and DBAs are our users. It is our mission to provide them with the best possible tools to address the diverse challenges they face. We are a team of experts determined to fill the blanks, to address the areas left aside by other vendors and to offer unique features and functions not available from other providers.

With our long-term focus and dedication to Oracle Database customers and the Oracle developer and DBA community we are the partner of choice for professional users who require innovative, powerful, reliable tools that are intuitively to use. Tools that are competitively priced and return the investment instantaneously.

Our mission

  • to be the most innovative partner for Oracle developers and DBAs
  • to provide features and functions of genuine relevance
  • to protect the investment in Oracle databases and extend their useful lives
  • to be the leader in price performance and return the investment by instant ROI