ClearSQL 7

Why ClearSQL 7?

ClearSQL 7 helps to easily understand non documented PL/SQL code.

It performs automatic code reviews that check code against industry best practices.

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Supporting and maintaining existing applications, documenting old or legacy code, evaluating reuse of code, and code re-factoring are activities that require digging into somebody else's code - which is in most cases a difficult and time-consuming task. This area is one with a potential for problems for Developers, Support Staff, Project Managers or System Architects. What will be the solution to help them to easily understand legacy codes or an inherited mess of codes?

The answer is an automated code analyzer, which can extract a great deal of information from nothing but existing code. The solution is ClearSQL 7!

ClearSQL 7 helps to easily understand non documented PL/SQL code. It reviews stand-alone and package subroutines, stores and shows procedure calls and called-by information to understand module inter-dependencies. It automatically draws flowcharts to understand the logic of the code. Data flow trees, shown together with Call Trees, clarifies how data flows between modules and database tables. It also performs automatic code reviews to check code against industry best practices.