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„A picture tells more than 1000 words.“

As the saying goes, you are invited to explore the sample documents and discover impressive benefits of Oracle database documentation created by ClearDB Documenter 4.7.

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  • sample Docu incl. 2 schemas
  • comparison sample Docu and DB
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generated by ClearDB Documenter 4.7

The best and easiest way to discover the capabilities of ClearDB Documenter 4.7 is to explore sample Oracle database documentation (Docu) generated by it. No download needed — simply open the two „sample” documents in the WEB-based docuVIEWER right in your default browser by clicking the links below.

Important: There will be no hidden software or anything else downloaded and/or stored on your PC!

The sample documents are complex. Not because of the number of objects included. They contain virtually all different documentation elements currently available; e.g. 59 schema (tables, views, procedures, functions, packages, types, triggers, etc.) and non-schema (context, directories, profiles, users, roles, etc.) object types.

Including all their properties, source codes, DDL, privileges, synonyms, references, dependencies as well as database instance properties, options, and initialization parameters for Oracle versions up to 12c. Interactive — clickable — diagrams such as ER (Entity Relationship), R&D (Reference & Dependency), PL/SQL Flowcharts, and Call Trees. A DB & PL/SQL Observations report, including a PL/SQL Code Review report, a Code Metrics report, information about DB anomalies; a Database Security Audit Report with checks for over 630 potential security risks in an Oracle database; and other valuable information is included as well.

For more information about the content of the sample documents, please refer to the descriptions below. To view and explore the Oracle database documentation generated by ClearDB Documenter 4.7, click the corresponding links and the sample documents will open in WEB docuVIEWER, in a separate tab of your default  browser.

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 „Sample Docu

The Sample Docu (sample database documentation) includes all 59 non-schema and schema database object types from Oracle‘s standard HR and SCOTT schemas; all DB and PL/SQL diagram types; CRUD matrices; DB & PL/SQL Observations incl. PL/SQL Parser and DB errors and anomalies, a PL/SQL Code Review and Code Metrics report; Database Security Audit Report with checks for potential database security risks; all clickable and available at the levels: DB > Schema > Object Type > Object.
The Sample Docu tree is structured as follows:
  • Docu Overview
  • DB and Objects
  • DB & PL/SQL Observations
  • DB Security Audit Report

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 „Sample Comparison Report and Docu

Compares previously generated database documentation (Sample Docu = Source 1) with the current state of the database (Oracle DB = Source 2). A detailed comparison report and a new database documentation for Source 2 is the result. The previously generated database documentation (Source 1) is included as well.
The Docu Comparison Report tree is structured as follows:
  • Comparison Report — Source 1 <> Source 2
    • Database Properties
    • Database Objects
      • Objects of Source 1 missing in Source 2
      • Objects of Source 2 missing in Source 1
      • Objects in Source 1 and Source 2 — with diffs
      • Objects in Source 1 and Source 2 — no diffs
    • DB Security Audit
      • Checks failed in Source 1 but not in Source 2
      • Checks failed in Source 2 but not in Source 1
      • Checks failed in Source 1 and Source 2 — with diffs
      • Checks failed in Source 1 and Source 2 — no diffs
  • Source 1: Sample Docu
  • Source 2: Oracle Database 'DEMO@DEMO_CONQUEST.WORLD'

Opening a document manually in Chrome or Opera outside of ClearDB Documenter 4.7 requires this switch to be included: chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-files "docu-name.htm". Opening and displaying a document using Chrome or Opera via ClearDB Documenter shows no issues.