ClearDB Documenter 4.7

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 is a unique Oracle database documenter. It generates complete and detailed documentation of Oracle databases up to 12c. It documents 59 database object types, their status and dependencies, the structure and source code modules.

The illustration of the database includes Entity Relationship (ER) and Reference & Dependency (R&D) diagrams as well as Flowcharts, Call Tree diagrams, CRUD matrices of PL/SQL code – all „clickable”.

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 performs a comprehensive and detailed Database Security Audit of the Oracle database. A comprehensive report, as part of a Docu (database documentation) with detailed description of vulnerabilities, their severity, and places where they were detected. 29 built-in policies and over 630 checks ensure your database is thoroughly examined and security issues are located.

No other tool currently on the market is capable of providing similar functionality. ClearDB Documenter sets a new standard for software generated database documentation of Oracle databases.

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Document Oracle database

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 easily and quickly documents a complete set of 59 schema (tables, views, procedures, functions, packages, types, triggers, etc.) and non-schema (contexts, directories, profiles, users, roles, etc.) object types with all their properties, DDL, privileges, synonyms, references, dependencies, source code as well as database instance properties, options, and initialization parameters for Oracle versions up to 12c.


A documented Oracle database is represented as a Docu (database documentation) — interactive and portable HTML documentation that can be viewed using popular web browsers.

Please note that ClearDB Documenter requires database instance (DBI) registration to generate an output document.

Detect database vulnerabilities

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 provides assistance with detecting vulnerabilities of your database. A Database Security Audit checks for over 630 potential security risks and generates a comprehensive Database Security Audit Report, summarizing all violated checks. The output is grouped into POLICIES and CHECKS and provides detailed information about observed issues. The report can be filtered and sorted, e.g. by 4 SEVERITY categories.

Analyze PL/SQL code

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 is powered by a PL/SQL Code Analyzer that reviews, measures, and checks the quality of Oracle PL/SQL used in stored objects and makes recommendations for a better coding style. Additionally, each stored object is analyzed for its structure and architecture. A set of industry standard quality control metrics about the code is generated to identify error prone areas based on complexity, size, and modularity.

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 helps to keep PL/SQL code reliable, testable, and manageable. Industry accepted complexity measures (McCabe, Halstead, and Maintainability Index) are used in the application. The code review module identifies over 70 common coding mistakes and makes suggestions for good programming practices. Using ClearSQL's engine, a detailed database observation report is included in a Docu as well. It includes Parser and Database errors and anomalies, alerts, and warnings.

To learn more about ClearSQL and its Code Review rules, click here to open a description page showing all current Code Review rules in ClearSQL.

Visualize Oracle database

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 is the only Oracle database documenter known today that provides PL/SQL code analysis visualizing Oracle databases, creating R&D (references and dependencies), ER (entity-relationship), Flowcharts and Call Tree diagrams, CRUD matrices and, at the same time, creating advanced database documentation (59 object types). Oracle DBAs, developers or consultants may use it to quickly explore an Oracle database — its structure, database objects, code, and anomalies — offline using standard browser! (no database access is required)

Manage database objects

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 excludes in an Exclusion Profile schemas/object types (schema and non-schema)/objects that are

  • potentially causing negative performance impact on the Database Object Tree structure population and on the resulting document generation
  • rarely used or not used at all (Oracle system/sample schemas)

to improve performance and reduce the time of output document generation.

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 keeps track of all processes, run by the application, connected with database objects retrieving/selection/loading. Processing history allows a better understanding/estimation of how long a certain document generation may take.

Automate Docu generation (Job and Template Managers)

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 automates Docu generation via its integrated scheduled Jobs. Create Jobs for complex, time-consuming, and long-lasting Docu generation and schedule their execution during non-working hours. Each Docu generation Job is widely customizable in terms of generation, documentation, and Code Analyzer options.

Create and apply Templates to generate tailor-made output documents with a single click. To avoid repetitive setup of Docu content and generation options, save defined settings to a file and load it each time you need to document a database, run comparison (Docu vs. Docu/DB), extract DDL, actualize Docu content, etc.

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 makes sure database content is up to date before documenting a database. Automatic refreshing of the Database Object Tree with actual content from the database ensures the output document based on an existing Job/Template is actual, regardless if a creation/drop happened in the database since the Job/Template was initially created.

Compare Docu vs. Docu/Database

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 compares two Docus or a Docu with its source (or any other) Oracle database, generating a detailed Docu Comparison Report. The comparison report lists differences between Source 1 and Source 2: Database Properties, Database Objects, and Database Security, highlighting detected similarities and discrepancies in distinctive colors (fully customizable). If required, both detailed Docus of Source 1 and Source 2 can be included in the comparison report as well. Filter the Report Tree and the content itself to see only differences of the compared Sources.

Summarize existing Docus

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 builds up a clickable Docu Summary Report (beta) for an unlimited number of previously generated Docus with totals and summaries for each Docu included in the report, providing information about DB Status, PL/SQL Parser Status, Code Metrics of PL/SQL source code, Naming Rule violations for 59 Oracle database object types (12c), and much more.

Update, extract, regenerate

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 provides a wide range of features to work with generated Docus:

  • update a Docu by synchronizing it with the database
  • generate a new Docu based on the content and options of a previously created Docu
  • extract database DDL from a Docu with the ability to select object types to be extracted and to specify a number of output settings
  • extract a subset from a Docu offline (no database connection needed) with the ability to remove database objects and to change Docu options
  • and much more…

View documentation using docuVIEWER

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 includes proprietary docuVIEWER to work with numerous output documents at a time. The integrated Docu Explorer provides quick access to the whole list of Docus previously generated. docuVIEWER makes it possible to view a fully or partly (Database Security Audit Report) protected Docu, instantly generate new diagrams in an existing Docu, regenerate diagrams in other formats or with other specifications, create a one page Docu Summary Report (beta) of multiple Docus, and much more. docuVIEWER is an embedded feature in ClearDB Documenter 4.7 and is available as a FREE app to download as well. Download…