ClearDB Documenter 4.7

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 is a unique Oracle database documenter. It generates complete and detailed documentation of Oracle databases up to 12c. It documents 59 database object types, their status and dependencies, the structure and source code modules.

The illustration of the database includes Entity Relationship (ER) and Reference & Dependency (R&D) diagrams as well as Flowcharts, Call Tree diagrams, CRUD matrices of PL/SQL code – all „clickable”.

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 performs a comprehensive and detailed Database Security Audit of the Oracle database. A comprehensive report, as part of a Docu (database documentation) with detailed description of vulnerabilities, their severity, and places where they were detected. 29 built-in policies and over 630 checks ensure your database is thoroughly examined and security issues are located.

No other tool currently on the market is capable of providing similar functionality. ClearDB Documenter sets a new standard for software generated database documentation of Oracle databases.

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  • sample Docu incl. 2 schemas
  • comparison sample Docu and DB
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NEW docuVIEWER is available in two versions:

  • embedded in ClearDB Documenter (default)
  • optional as a FREE standalone app to download (same functionality)

ClearDB Documenter generates Oracle database documentation – Docu – as interactive and portable HTML documentation that can be viewed in general using popular web browsers or for specific features, like a protected Docu, via the new proprietary docuVIEWER.

Docus (database documentation) generated by ClearDB Documenter contain very sensitive information related to an Oracle database and, if a Database Security Audit Report is included, also to its security status.

Information only authorized people should have access to!

Protecting a complete Docu is optional. A Database Security Audit Report, included in a Docu, will be protected by default. Protection means either the whole Docu (all its parts) or part of it (Database Security Audit Report only) will be encrypted and password protected. Because of the diversity of standards and behavior implemented in todays' popular browsers, it was clear only a proprietary viewer can provide the high level of security required to control access to such protected and mission critical information.

The solution: docuVIEWER

docuVIEWER is an embedded feature in ClearDB Documenter and is available as a FREE app to download as well. Its design allows a viewer to simultaneously view numerous documents generated by ClearDB Documenter. The integrated Docu Explorer provides quick access to a list of previously generated documents. Download FREE standalone docuVIEWER including Sample Docus here…

With its advanced functionality, docuVIEWER allows:

  • managing and viewing output documents generated by ClearDB DocumenterDocus, Docu Comparison Reports, and Docu Summary Reports (beta)
  • viewing a fully or partially protected Docu to control access to it; any unprotected Docu or unprotected part of it can be viewed using popular web browsers
  • instant generation of diagrams not included in a previously generated Docu
  • instant regeneration of existing diagrams in other formats (PNG, GIF, JPEG, SVG) and/or using other settings (specifications)
  • creation of a one page Docu Summary Report (beta) of multiple Docus allowing a compact overview of Errors, Alerts, DB Anomalies, DB Security Audit alerts, etc., contained in these Docus, and access to specific information with just a few clicks
  • and much more…
docuVIEWER - Screenshots
Manage and view generated Docus

The integrated Docu Explorer in docuVIEWER gives access to a list of recently generated Docus. All features are available either via a pop-up menu (right-click) or via the toolbar.

Open a protected Docu (encryption and password)

For security reasons, a protected Docu can be open and viewed in docuVIEWER only. Open a completely protected Docu or its protected part (Database Security Audit Report) by entering its unique password, defined when creating it. Any unprotected Docu or unprotected part of it can be viewed using popular web browsers. docuVIEWER is an embedded feature in ClearDB Documenter and is available as a FREE app to download as well.

Get a quick overview and understanding of the most important elements of your Oracle DBs, regardless if there are 10, 20, 50 or 100s of them

A Docu (database documentation) generated by ClearDB Documenter is made out of one Oracle database. Organizations using multiple Oracle databases (even 100s or more) can create a summary report of a selected quantity of previously generated Docus. This one page Docu Summary Report (beta) provides a compact and quick overview of Errors, Alerts, DB Anomalies, DB Security Audit warnings, Naming Rule violations for 59 Oracle database object types (12c), etc., contained in multiple Docus.

All important information of all Docus (DBs) included in such a summary report is consolidated in one table, hierarchically structured, fully interactive and clickable.

Clicking on any figure in that table shown will open its details down to the Database Object Type level but navigating still within the Docu Summary Report (beta). Clicking on a figure of a Database Object Type will open its Docu in a new tab providing all documented information and details about that database at the time the Docu was generated. No user intervention, e.g. searching for that file, is necessary. Very easy, fast and intuitive to use. Regardless of whether there are 10, 20, 50 or 100s of Docus included in a Docu Summary Report (beta).

Instantly generate diagrams at all database levels in already generated Docus

ClearDB Documenter illustrates a database, as part of a Docu, as ER and R&D diagram and its PL/SQL objects as Flowcharts, Call Tree diagrams, CRUD matrices; interactive and clickable at all levels (database -> schemas -> object types -> objects).

In databases with 1000s of objects, the total number of diagrams in a Docu can be very high, which dramatically increases its file size and extends the generation time of a Docu. Instant diagram generation significantly speeds up the Docu generation process and considerably reduces size of a generated Docu.

This "Instant Diagram" option in ClearDB Documenter allows diagram generation on demand later by clicking the “Generate” button on a diagram page of a generated Docu.

Regenerate existing diagrams with new diagram settings or in another format

docuVIEWER allows regenerating an existing diagram using new settings (specifications) or in another file format in a Docu. These are the bitmap formats available for diagrams in a Docu: SVG (default), PNG, JPEG and GIF. Highlighting call from and call to in a diagram on mouse over works only in SVG based diagrams.

Easy navigation through generated and available Docus using the integrated Docu Explorer

Distinctive icons make it easy to find a specific type of a Docu and to open it with a double click. Sort columns to group Docus by their type, title, file name, generation date, etc. See below a legend of all icons used in docuVIEWER. Opened Docus in docuVIEWER are highlighted in the Docu Explorer.