SQLDetective – Highlights

SQLDetective comprises 50 modules and 31 database object wizards supporting in total 59 object types – up to Oracle 12c. It’s a state-of-the-art development solution accelerating the development, the maintenance, and the administration of Oracle Databases.

SQLDetective administers and monitors sessions, tablespaces, data files, rollback segments, users & roles, and access grants for objects using Storage Manager, Session Navigator, Database Monitor, Top Session Locator and Database Examiner.

Key Features

Build Your Database Projects Easily

SQLDetective is a powerful and easy-to-use graphical user interface to Oracle Databases. It provides an integrated environment for developing database objects, writing and debugging stored programs, executing and testing SQL and PL/SQL commands, as well as searching and modifying data and analyzing the dependencies between the objects. Visual object editors allow users to quickly create and modify database objects such as table, view, trigger, index, job, cluster, synonym, operator, etc. Syntax highlighting and code folding, Code Editors, Code Helper, Code Insight and Integrated Oracle Documentation Browser allow the user to write procedures, functions, packages, object types, triggers and JAVA in high quality and error free. Object Navigator facilitates easy navigation of database structures by displaying database schema objects and their relationships in an intuitive hierarchical interface.

Object Navigator is an integrated window that quickly handles sessions, database objects and configures your workspace

Object Navigator allows you to switch between open sessions; navigate, search and view database objects; create, modify, compile and extract database objects; and more.

Quickly develop the following database objects using visual object editors

TABLES – relational, object, index-organized, partitioned (range, hash, composite, list), temporary, clustered, external and XML
  Table (view) columns – built-in (Char, Varchar2, Number, Date, Interval, etc.), LOB (BLOB, CLOB, NCLOB, BFILE), user-defined (Object type, Nested table, Varray, REF and XMLType)
  Integrity constraints – primary key, unique key, foreign key, check
VIEWS – standard, object and XML
TRIGGERS – table, view, schema, database
INDEXES – non-unique, unique, bitmap, clustered, joined, partitioned, functional
CLUSTERS – index and hash organized
COLLECTIONS, SEQUENCES, JOBS, POLICY, INDEX types, Operators, Libraries, Database Links, Synonyms, Contexts, Directories, Profiles and many more

Write And Test Your Code Quickly

SQLDetective provides a range of handy utilities to tune SQL scripts, test PL/SQL statements, write and execute stored programs, and debug stored objects step by step. SQL Editor executes SQL and PL/SQL statements supporting bind and substitute variables. The advanced Stored Program Editor offers an easy-to-use interface for writing and executing stored programs. The fully integrated PL/SQL Debugger offers all features that a user could wish for: step over, step into, step out, run until exception, break execution, set conditional breakpoints, view and modify scalar and complex variables and more, to debug stored procedures, functions, packages, type bodies and triggers on a database server.

SQL Editor
  • multi-session, multi-page, multi-threaded syntax highlighting and code folding editor
  • executes SQL and PL/SQL statements supporting bind and substitute variables
  • Integrated Code Insight and Code Assistant
  • Integrated Code Analyzer
  • displays PL/SQL as Flowcharts and Call Tree diagrams

PL/SQL Debugger
  • offers all a professional development demands
  • debugs stored programs step by step over multiple concurrent database sessions
Easily write, test, illustrate, debug and execute server-side programs:

Procedure, Function, Package, Package Body, Type, Type Body, Java Source, HTML-based program using powerful syntax highlighting PL/SQL, JAVA and HTML Editors
Customizable Code Assistant, Integrated Code Insight and Code Explorer and Drag-and-Drop eliminate errors and decrease development and test time
Execute SQL scripts, PL/SQL subprograms, stored programs and SQL*Plus commands over multiple concurrent database sessions quickly with the multi-threaded SQL Editor
Debug stored programs step by step over multiple concurrent database sessions easily with PL/SQL Debugger
View execution plans of SQL statements hierarchically on the database with the Explain Plan feature
Format, illustrate and improve the quality of PL/SQL code using a code review and quality control tool for Oracle PL/SQL development – the Code Analyzer for SQLDetective
Illustrated PL/SQL code is displayed via Flowcharts (logic) and Call Tree Diagrams (data flow)
Learn more about the Oracle Database and find answers to database-related questions using the Oracle Documentation Browser without leaving the IDE

Analyze PL/SQL code

SQLDetective is powered by a PL/SQL Code Analyzer (ClearSQL engine) that reviews, measures, and checks the quality of SQL and Oracle PL/SQL code used in stored objects. In addition, each stored object is analyzed for its structure and architecture. A set of industry standard code metrics (McCabe, Halstead, Maintainability Index) is applied to assess code quality, complexity, and modularity. Error prone areas are identified and recommendations for a better coding style are provided.

The code review module identifies common coding mistakes and makes suggestions for good coding practice. The engine provides Code Audit and Code Metrics reports for code errors, code review rule violations and other SQL and PL/SQL code anomalies as well as other Parser observations; e.g. syntax errors, code alerts and warnings, and much more.

Flowcharts, Call Tree Diagrams, CRUD matrices

SQLDetective creates diagrams from PL/SQL to illustrate the code using the ClearSQL engine. The visualization allows immediate understanding of the programs. Flowcharts represent the logic and the code execution path while Call Tree Diagrams visualize the data flow. The “clickable” buildup allows easy drill down from a diagram element to the individual line of code. CRUD matrices are extremely useful when analyzing the consistency of functional requirements and to identify performance issues.

Administer Your Database Efficiently

SQLDetective administers and monitors sessions, tablespaces, data files, rollback segments, users & roles, and access grants for objects using Storage Manager, Session Navigator, Database Monitor, Tablespace Wizard, Top Session Locator, Database Examiner and Oracle RAC.

Easy to use administrative and monitoring tools and utilities helping DBAs such as:

DATABASE EXAMINER provides easy access to database information such as: database system; instance options; initialization and NLS parameters; system events and statistics; SGA memory allocation; list of sessions; tablespaces, datafiles, rollback segments, etc.
DATABASE MONITOR monitors real-time database performance and displays information such as: Logical, Physical and Disk I/O, Event Waits, Host CPU usage, Instance performance time, Sort Ratio, SGA, Hit Rates, Recursive Calls, and many others in charts grouped by categories
TOP SESSION LOCATOR locates the most resource-consuming sessions in the database using different activity and Event Waits parameters such as: CPU, Logical I/O, Physical I/O, Parsers, Concurrency, User I/O, System I/O, etc.
STORAGE MANAGER manages tablespaces, datafiles, segments and quotes in the database instance
SESSION NAVIGATOR manages sessions and displays information on different sessions. The application also provides the ability to work with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases
TKPROF SHELL a utility that greatly simplifies the usage of the Oracle command line utility TKPROF by providing the user with a graphical interface to all of its parameters and options from within the application
TABLESPACE WIZARD a powerful Oracle database version-dependent graphical interface that offers easy-to-use controls for viewing, creating and modifying tablespaces
Oracle RAC – support for managing Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases. This feature is available in the following modules: Object Navigator, Session Navigator, Database Examiner, Database Monitor, Top Session Locator

Manage Your Data Smartly

SQLDetective provides a complete environment for handling data. Dataset Editors allow users to quickly browse, search, modify, analyze and export&import scalar, object table, collection, REF and LOB types of data. Utilize advanced. Export and Import Data utilities to export and import scalar and complex types of data into a number of popular formats like SQL INSERT Script, SQL MERGE Script, Microsoft Excel, XML, PDF, HTML, Char Delimited, etc. The powerful Dataset Builder allows users to create complex datasets without having to write a query. The Data Dependency Analyzer provides a graphic environment to represent and modify the referring data based on integrity constraints. The graphical Query Builder allows users to represent the server data model and create a query of any given complexity, on its basis. A state-of-the-art PL/SQL code analyzer is part of SQLDetective. Analyzes code against a wide set of Code Review Rules and illustrates the code. A fast and easy way to get acquainted with unfamiliar code – e.g. Legacy PL/SQL.

Smartly manage schemas and database objects using tools such as:

COMPARE DATABASES – compares and displays the differences graphically and generates a synchronization script for: two different databases; one or more schemas in the same or different databases; one or more objects in the same or different databases
SCHEMA EXTRACTOR – extracts schema objects into a file system in the form of SQL scripts (DDL)
SCHEMA COMPILER – compiles invalid database objects and select engines and compilation object types
SCHEMA ANALYZER – collects statistics, validates structures and lists chained rows of tables, table partitions and sub-partitions, indexes, index partitions and sub-partitions and clusters
FAST COPIER – copies database objects and data between Oracle databases and schemas
FIND OBJECTS – finds objects in the Oracle database or Repository matching search criteria
REPORT GENERATOR – creates reports in HTML format, based on database objects, table and view data, user privileges, roles, etc.

Configure Your Environment Conveniently

SQLDetective features a fast, easy-to-use environment that allows users to customize their workspace and visual tools. The Oracle Client Interface (OCI) enables users to utilize all database benefits and dispenses with the installation of additional drivers (e.g. ODBC or JDBC) in user's workstation.

Conveniently browse, modify, search, sort, filter and export&import any type of data:

INSERT, EDIT, AND DELETE RECORDS quickly with visual access to information in tables and views using Smart Dataset. Turning the Show constraints in the caption setting on, Smart Dataset accelerates the browsing and modification of foreign key related data
EXECUTE COMPLEX QUERIES over multiple concurrent database sessions and immediately view result sets, supporting bind and substitute variables with SQL Editor
ANALYZE AND MODIFY DEPENDENCIES between data based on integrity constraints using a powerful master-detail browser provided by Data Dependency Analyzer
Export and import scalar and complex types of data into a number of popular formats like SQL INSERT Script, SQL MERGE Script, Microsoft Excel, XML, PDF, HTML, Char Delimited, etc.
Browse, search, sort and group data without having to write a query using the QBE (query by example) interface to data in the Dataset Editors
Build complex datasets without having to write a query using the graphical interface provided by Dataset Builder
Represent the server data model and create, on its basis, a query of any given complexity in the graphical Query Builder
View, insert and modify complex data types such as: BLOB, CLOB, NCLOB, BFILE, Object Type, Nested Table, Varray, XMLType and REF in the powerful Visual Field Editors

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