SQLDetective 4.7
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SQLDetective 4.7 — FAQ
Who is a typical user of SQLDetective 4.7?

  • PL/SQL developers who develop, modify, maintain or support database objects based on SQL or PL/SQL code; e.g. tables, procedures, triggers, functions, and more...
  • Oracle DBAs who manage one or more Oracle databases and need important real time or statistical information to keep them running
  • Oracle DBAs who need to view, examine, monitor or analyze the content, the structure or the "production" status of an Oracle database
  • Oracle DBAs or PL/SQL developers who browse, search, modify, sort or export data to/from an Oracle database

What makes SQLDetective 4.7 unique in the market?

  • A large set of features that are required on a daily basis, that are stable and easy to use, make SQLDetective 4.7 a very powerful PL/SQL development tool in the Oracle database tools market
    • Allows direct communication with Conquest's Technical Support
    • Provides a very easy and fast way to update/upgrade any SQLDetective 4.7 installation with just a few clicks
    • Helps new users explore, discover and quickly learn how to use SQLDetective 4.7. 60+ tutorial movies are provided, that are easy to select and view - on demand - using the integrated Movie Navigator
    • IDICs "education mode" offers a unique solution to learn more about the 230+ toolbar buttons (features & functions) without risking any damage to a database by avoiding the usual dangerous "trial and error" method
    • In complex projects, developers deal with many different PL/SQL based database objects at the same time. With SCENE, developers can save any Object Navigator workspace, including loaded objects, applied filters and sort criteria and open/load them again with just a single click
    • This feature provides quick access to frequently used groups of database objects. Multiple scenes can be opened at the same time

How is SQLDetective 4.7 positioned?

  • As the most powerful and best priced alternative to the leading competitors
  • Our worldwide users and other independent experts consider SQLDetective 4.7 to be the leader in price performance in its market. (feature richness & price)
  • "Concurrent user" as our license policy provides great flexibility to our users