ClearDB Documenter 4.7

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 is a unique Oracle database documenter. It generates complete and detailed documentation of Oracle databases up to 12c. It documents 59 database object types, their status and dependencies, the structure and source code modules.

The illustration of the database includes Entity Relationship (ER) and Reference & Dependency (R&D) diagrams as well as Flowcharts, Call Tree diagrams, CRUD matrices of PL/SQL code – all „clickable”.

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 performs a comprehensive and detailed Database Security Audit of the Oracle database. A comprehensive report, as part of a Docu (database documentation) with detailed description of vulnerabilities, their severity, and places where they were detected. 29 built-in policies and over 630 checks ensure your database is thoroughly examined and security issues are located.

No other tool currently on the market is capable of providing similar functionality. ClearDB Documenter sets a new standard for software generated database documentation of Oracle databases.


β€žIt is about creating a secure database and storing critical and valuable data securely!β€œ

Pete Finnigan, UK

Our Oracle Database Security expertise

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ClearDB Documenter 4.7
Advanced Database Documenter for Oracle

The development and management of Oracle-based applications is becoming an increasingly complex and tedious task. ClearDB Documenter 4.7 enables you to accomplish these tasks faster and more efficiently by providing a powerful and easy-to-use interface to create Oracle database documentation.

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 easily and quickly documents a complete set of 59 schema (tables, views, procedures, functions, packages, types, triggers, etc.) and non-schema (contexts, directories, profiles, users, roles, etc.) object types with all their properties, DDL, privileges, synonyms, references, dependencies, source code as well as database instance properties, options, and initialization parameters for Oracle versions up to 12c.

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 Key Features

  • Generates complete and detailed database documentation (Docu) for any Oracle database; supports Oracle 9 -> Oracle 12c
  • Supports a complete set of 59 schema and non-schema object types for Oracle (= 12c)
  • Performs a powerful and comprehensive security assessment of the Oracle database, checking for over 630 potential security risks; and generates a detailed report, summarizing all violated checks
  • Provides Code Audit and Code Metrics reports for stored objects, code errors, code review rule violations and other PL/SQL code anomalies
  • Includes a complex database observation report with Parser and Database errors, alerts and warnings, and other database anomalies
  • Analyzes and documents PL/SQL objects, their source codes, statuses, references and dependencies
  • Reports Parser observations (syntax errors, PL/SQL warnings, and more...)
  • Checks 59 Oracle database object types (12c) for Naming Rule violations
  • Illustrates a database as ER and R&D diagrams and its PL/SQL objects as Flowcharts, Call Tree diagrams, CRUD matrices; clickable and supported at all levels: database -> schemas -> object types -> objects
  • Automates output document generation via its integrated scheduled Jobs (Job Manager); Templates are used to generate a user-predefined Docu with a single click (Template Manager)
  • Excludes "heavy" time-consuming — perhaps not needed — items (e.g. Java Classes, Public Synonyms, Recycle Bin, etc.) from the Database Object Tree and, therefore, from the resulting document as well
  • Automatically refreshes the Database Object Tree with the actual content from the database to ensure the resulting document is up to date
  • Ensures high security level for Docus by encryption and password
  • Compares a Docu against another Docu or against its source (or any other) Oracle database and vice versa
  • Produces a detailed Docu Comparison Report, highlighting similarities and differences of the compared Sources; easy filtering and content customization
  • Summarizes hundreds of previously generated Docus in a one page Docu Summary Report (beta), providing information about...