Technical Support

The goal of Conquest Software Solutions Technical Support is to provide prompt, qualified, and accurate responses to your questions. We prioritize resources, including Conquest Software Solutions product engineers, to give maximum attention to production environment issues of our users in order to minimize costly downtime.

When you purchase a license to use any product of Conquest Software Solution, you are licensed to use the version and release that is current at the time you make the purchase. For instance, if you buy version, you can upgrade to any other version 2.5.x.x at no additional cost.

Standard Technical Support

Our Standard Technical Support is available for all of our products. The following Technical Support Services are included in all of our products:

  • Technical Support using
    • OSD - Online Support Desk. Conquest Software Solutions will make good faith effort to respond to technical support requests as quickly as possible but does not commit to a specific response time
    • Email -
  • Release Updates and Maintenance Builds
    • Application Version and Release numbering legend:
  • Release Updates or new Builds at NO additional cost
  • Upgrades to new Minor Versions
    • at NO additional cost if purchase was within the last 60 days
    • -75% discount if new version is 1 level higher
    • -50% discount if new version is 2 levels higher
  • Upgrades to new Major Versions
    • -50% discount if new version is 1 level higher
    • -25% discount if new version is 2 levels higher
Annual Maintenance & Support - AMS

Conquest Software Solutions' Annual Maintenance & Support will ensure that your license is up to date and that it keeps up with the speed of your business. With automatic reminders of updates and upgrades, you always stay informed if your license is outdated or if a new release is available. Additionally, with unlimited priority technical support via the built-in OSD (Online Support Desk) and Email – available during the term of the AMS, you will receive an answer to all your requests within 2 business days.

Annual Maintenance & Support: 20% of the license price.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance & Support:

  • Unlimited priority technical support via the built-in OSD (Online Support Desk) and
    Email -
  • Major, minor, and patch releases of the applications to stay current with the best technology during the subscription period.
  • Guaranteed response time – no longer than 2 business days from the time a technical request has been submitted.
  • Priority response to technical support requests by (a) senior technical support representative(s).
  • Email and OSD notification of software updates, including fixes, and documentation updates (release notes, etc.).
  • Priority response to error reports.

Note: You will not be forced to upgrade, and you will still be entitled to technical support if you continue to use the previous version, which is one major or minor version behind the current released version.

Your Annual Maintenance & Support (AMS) contract will be automatically renewed after the AMS period, covered by the license, is over. You can cancel the AMS renewal via your CSS user web account at "MY ACCOUNT -> MY LICENSES".